What is NOASP – Nordic Open Access Scholarly Publishing?

In 2015 Cappelen Damm Akademisk established a specific division for publishing Open Access journals and books: Nordic Open Access Scholarly Publishing (NOASP). NOASP offers editorial support from an experienced team of editors to guide manuscripts through the various phases of production, and a customized technical platform for workflow, publication and dissemination processes. All NOASP publications are gold Open Access.

We publish scholarly journals, anthologies and monographs on NOASP. Our journals have editorial boards in Norway or other Nordic countries and publish peer-reviewed articles in Norwegian, English, Swedish and Danish and related content, such as commentaries, book reviews or popularized versions of articles. Our book publications, in Norwegian, English, Swedish and Danish, are always peer reviewed.

NOASP’s user-friendly platform has a clean, responsive design with excellent legibility and navigation on all devices, optimal searchability and effective distribution of research literature.

NOASP offers

  • assistance from experienced editors
  • ease of work-flow and support throughout the publication process
  • guaranteed gold Open Access
  • optimal searchability, for a wider audience
  • sound technological solutions and technical support
  • assistance in choosing licenses
  • assistance with application processes