Recognition, Reconciliation and Restoration: Applying a Decolonized Understanding in Social Work and Healing Processes

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Edited by Jan Erik Henriksen, Ida Hydle and Britt Kramvig
Bokmål/heftet/304s/Orkana Akademisk 2020
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The 4th International Indigenous Voices in Social Work Conference hosted by UiT The Artic University of Norway asked how the marginalization and exclusion of indigenous voices can be detected, prevented and healed. The conference also invited participants to take part in a dialogue on the use of reconciliation and decolonization as a restorative practice, Our aim is to provide new knowledge on the colonial aspects of our diverse histories, and to raise awareness of how the legacies of colonialism operate at macro and at micro-levels, and in politics, everyday life encounters, engagements and suffering. This conference anthology attempts to address the consequences of colonial violations, both in the past and in the present, and argues that new knowledge and practices are needed to restore indigenous ways of being, of living with each other and of living well and sustainably on and with the land.

The editors of this cross-disciplinary anthology are Norwegian Arctic University professors. All have specialized in decolonization and indigenous issues.