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In the North, the East and West meet. Festschrift for Jens Petter Nielsen

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Kari Aga Myklebost and Stian Bones (eds.)
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Orkana Akademisk 2019

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This Festschrift is dedicated to Professor of High North Studies Jens Petter Nielsen on his 70th anniversary, in celebration of his diverse and fruitful professional life as a historian. It includes 25 articles written by the celebrant’s colleagues and collaborating partners from the Nordic countries and Russia. Thematically, the articles cover topical research areas within Jens Petter Nielsen’s own authorship, such as Soviet and Russian historiography, the history of the northern regions, and bilateral relations between the northernmost states of Europe. As a gesture of honour, the Festschrift is edited in accordance with many of Jens Petter Nielsen’s own books and articles, accepting articles in Norwegian, Russian and English and thus allowing the authors to publish in their mother tongue. Summaries in English follow each article.