Blue Growth: Aquaculture, fisheries, market and health perspectives

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Edited by Beate J. Thu and Linn K. Akslen-Hoel
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Orkana Akademisk 2018

Møreforsking’s third anthology, Blue Growth: Aquaculture, fisheries, market and health perspectives”, includes nine peer-reviewed articles on a variety of topics including aquaculture, fish health and interaction with wild fish; aspects of shellfish production; utilization of marine rest raw materials; how marine proteins potentially can become ingredients with added-value; and chemical and nutritional composition of red sea cucumber, a species with potential both for harvest and aquaculture. The last chapter deals with how knowledge acquired on board fishing vessels is utilized differently by the genders in subsequent careers. Through this anthology, results that can contribute to increased knowledge on value creation and sustainable utilization of marine resources are made available to the national and international scientific communities, industries, decision-makers and educational institutions.